Information page for search/highlighted search minutes

Please remember, even if your browser does not support highlighting, the search function still works, it just does not highlight. The search function will save you tremendous amount of time by indentifing the meetings which contain your search request, saving you the time to read every meeting minute!

Windows 10 & 7, Apple OIS, & Goggle's Android systems all support the search function, returning a listing of minutes that contain your search request.

Currently only Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers on Microsoft Windows PC/Laptops support highlighted search returns. On Windows 10, Microsoft Edge browser will display highlights, if you open the settings menu (upper right on screen) and click open in Internet Explorer.

Goggle Chrome browser, Apple's OIS & Android operating systems do not support highlighted search returns on any platform.

Simply enter the word or phrase you wish to find. You can choose to match on any word or all words; to match an exact phrase, enclose in double quotes. Click on search button to submit your request.

Planning Board meeting minutes which contain your search request will be listed by meeting date; click on the first meeting date presented and you will be taken to the minutes where you can scroll through the minutes; if your browser supports highlighting, all search terms will be highlighted greatly simplifying finding your requested info. When finished with the current minutes, go to the top tabs on your browser and click the "X" of the minute tab (pb-MM-DD-YY.pdf) and you will be returned to your search results page to move on to the next minutes to review. If there are more than ten (10) results, you can move to additional results by clicking "next" after the last result on the current page.

Lets search!!